Mystique of love



Books for all rebels,
who do not fall to multiplicity and mechanical thinking.
For those who are actively feeling
and want to see and therefore look.

A graphic poem about the quest for Love. a contemporary story in seven books, based on mystic knowledge from the ancient civilizations of the World.

About the serial


I have been searching for many years. In ancient pictures, sculptures, architecture and scripts, reading myths and legends, books about secret knowledge written by wise men, mystics, prophets and saints. I have been searching in illuminations and long-forgotten symbols, in secret books and texts.  After many years I was lucky enough to meet someone who has shortened my way.

The Arcanum books are made to help you on your search for Love.

We live in a world where everything is passable. The world where the only reality is the physical realm and we only admit the material part of our life.
How can you find Love in such a reality?

Love. The greatest mystery of all. The ultimate secret of secrets. The journey begins when we admit to ourselves that the feeling we all search for is the everlasting Divine Love. The Arcanum is ancient knowledge that is telling the Truths by revealing the path hidden in our physical body. Like a precious jewel in a wooden box.

Eternal Love is hidden behind a thousand veils. To find it we have to annihilate with the other human being of the opposite sex. To become One. Only then, when we let this human level of love in our heart and body, we can start our search for the Eternal Love. Only then we have the ability to dive into the ocean of Love and become One with all and everything. This is the shortest way to happiness.

All the books in the serial


Seven graphic novels told in a pure visual language without words; so everyone can understand the meaning and finds the way. I am searching for the source worldwide; in different cultures, styles and techniques (ranging from the Japanese comics, native art, renaissance paintings, Sahara cave art, Mayan sculptures) and travelling from east and west, from past to present, to tell the story in the clearest way.

The Arcanum is a contemporary guide to happiness.

All the stories are based on ancient knowledge, myths and secret books about human beings in their search for Love, Truth and everlasting life.

Patience / Saturday / Tibetan / Saturn / Dana

Arkanum_ Golden book

The Valley of Love

Truth / Sunday / Koloven / Sun / Shila

Arkanum_ Green book

The Valley of Understanding

Faith / Monday / Moor / Moon / Kshati

Arkanum_ Red book

The Valley of Detachement

Passion / Tuesday / Mongol / Mars / Viraga

Arkanum_ Turquoise book

The Valley of Unity

Serinity / Wednesday / Uzbek / Mercury / Virya

Arkanum_ Sandal book

The Valley of Amazement

Fairness / Thursday / Japanese / Jupiter / Dhyana

Arkanum_ White book

The Valley of Death

Devotion to God / Friday / Persian / Venus/ Prayana

The author


I graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1997, three years later I finished my master’s degree in sculpture, and in 2009 a doctorate in art. For years I lectured at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana and as a  guest lecture on Miman Sinar Fine Arts University in Istanbul, on National Academy of Fine arts in Sofia, IADE in Lisbon and attended many conferences and symposiums. Now I lecture at Arthouse Ljubljana.

My works were present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zadar, Split, Genova, Zagreb, Ljubljana, … I have published nine authors books for children and illustrated many more.

I have been creating in various media: painting, sculpture, installation, performance, conceptual projects, photography, interior design, graphic design and illustration. I have always been moved by the objectivity of visual language and its connection with the deepest human desire to communicate. After many years of intensive and in-depth research, I realised that my medium can be everything used to narrate and arise in people the exact feeling. For the past seven years I have returned to the roots of my artistic education, to my original love – painting.



What is new? Nothing.
What is old? Everything.

Black Book page 24/25

The number nine and enneagram

Numbers and geometry are the ground of visual language.

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