The number nine and enneagram

Tesla once said, “If we knew the secret of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, we would understand all the secrets of the universe.”

Numbers are the most abstract form of matter and are not just quantitative concepts as perceived by most of the people today. They reveal great secrets to us in their qualitative value. They are the closest thing to pure friquency, like sounds or tones of music.

I have always been attracted to them and explored their connection with letters (abjad, Kabbalah, …), their connection with the symbolic meanings of various cultures and in Jungian psychology, their connection with geometry, Pythagorean tradition, music and movement.

Numbers and geometry are the ground of visual language. Clear visual communication begins in the mind; in contemplation, visual thinking (not everiday miningless thinking) and understanding of structure. Visual language is expressed in terms of; mental, sensory and physical. The more levels the creator uses, the clearer his communication and the more objective is the message.

These levels are:

1. Mental level; behaviour and understanding of composition based on geometry which has its origins in numbers. The mental level is important in communicating the purpose of message, and on the other hand for understanding what do we create.

2. Sensory level; feeling, emotion, sensibility, which are manifested in the mastery of small things – detail, than the use of colour, choice of technique and style of the depicted.

3. Body level; intuitively letting go with the flow of movement and physically applying of the material. An artist who creates in an analogue technique, with his hand, which is the only real tool, creates a story. The purpose and ability to transfer it, or the state in which the artist is; is the state that the viewer will receive first. The felling comes from the body.

How do I create?

For each image, I first determine the composition, then I choose the colours and techniques And only when I have resolve it all I begin to materialize the visual message. But do not get me wrong, all rules are just guidelines and not a strict rule. Feeling and intuition guide me through the whole process and I am often surprised by the direction in which the image develops. It’s like making love, if I knew everything in advance, it would be boring and pointless. There are rules, but there are also rules here for us to break.

But to go back to the numbers and especially to what Tesla said.

9 is the last and largest number in the decimal system. All numbers behind it are just combinations of numbers equal to or less than nine. All are just combinations of the first 10 numbers.

1 – 9 + 0

And if we take that as an equation

1 – 9 + 0 = 8

Eight is the number in which one of the most beautiful symbols is hidden; Divine Breath. The first all-embracing inhale and the last liberating exhale. And that is exactly why the basis of the first book Black book is number eight.

to breathe = to live = to love

And because 9 is greater than 8 for exactly 1, there’s a hidden secret in it. The one sought by all mystics; people who look beyond the known and dare to jump into the unknown.

In my research and search for hidden secret, I also came across the works of G.I. Gurdjieff, the amazing man who woke many people at the beginning of the last century. For most people a controversial person. Although for most people, everyone who has reached higher states of consciousness and seen miracles beyond the ordinary world of materialism is controversial. Not only are they controversial, but they are also mostly labelled as dangerous. Which is true, as they are dangerous to all of our habits, beliefs, and feelings that we know anything.

At first, I encounted with his books and teachings. It is only in recent years that I have been fortunate enough to be able to explore his wisdom even though his most powerful tool, the Sacred Dances. (I am so lucky to live near the great lady Kristine De Ventus who is able to teach his dances)

Black Book page 24/25

One of the symbols that Gurdjieff wrote about and used on many occasions, was the enneagram. And so I took the enneagram as the basis, for a special scene in the book. A scene where people indulge in life, dance, freedom, and once for a change escape the boring everyday life that surrounds them. I have combined the relationships I got by drawing a special character in an enneagram (a circle divided into 9 parts):

Those are 1/4, 4/2, 2/8, 8/5, 5/7, 7/1.

I intended to tell a story about the filling of going over the bridge. A situation where we are just before the moment of entering into an unknown world. For that reason, I used the number nine; as a symbol of the end before a new beginning at a higher level. At the same time, I wanted to convey the chaos of the experience that happens just before you cross over, to the other side. “The path out of the crisis leads through the crisis“, the wise man once said, and this rule has been confirmed to me countless times. Persons in this state can see the door to a new world of light, but those who look from the outside see nothing. Therefore, to people who are just observing, such people seem to be drifting into an abyss and madness. We live in a world of duality and there is a duality in everything.

Thus, this site is made on two principles;

1. squares arranged according to the principle of enneagram – structure and beauty hidden in duality and two-dimensional.

2. The numbers 3, 6,9, however, are in different respects; near, far and even farther or sooner, now and then. These numbers give depth in space, time and understanding.

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