Mystique of love

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When you feel empty, you have to open your heart and let the wind sweep through.

About the book


We all live a seemingly Peaceful life. The situation seems Auspicious, a good omen is in the air. But if we are Truthfull to ourselves, something is missing. We all feel that Intense emptiness deep down in our heart. The lack of love in an Enduring symptom that is preventing our being. We are Numbering one boring day after another. The only Calming thing is that we have heard, read or saw is that some people did find it. Yes, we all hope that Ethernal love exists, but we do not go on a quest to find it. Because the path that leads there is a narrow one. Yet it is here. Right before our nose.

The first in a serial of seven. The story about the beginning and lostness. 

The obvious story is simple. A man and a woman fall in love. When they enter a relationship, they do it with all their heart. As always there is also a dark side of it. The fear. The fear of losing, the fear of wrong actions, the fear of not-being-loved. After the first craziness and sweetness of love, they do not know how to go on and are deviated between everyday life demands and their wishes. Luckily, like in all ancient stories, they meet a wise one who helps them on their quest.

The decision to risk everything, to make a change in their life and dedication to open the first door is the first step on a long journey of joy and disappointments.

The quest for Love is a long journey and it is easier if we have company and support from the one we love.



Seven graphic novels told in pure visual language without words; so everyone is able to understand the meaning and finds the way.
All the stories are based on ancient knowledge, myths and secret books about human beings in their search for Love, Truth and everlasting life. 
The Arcanum is a contemporary guide to happines.

Secret Keys


When we step through the door to an unknown land, we face a challenge. When we soar into an unknown state and get the knowledge of the dimension we are in, we are given a key that opens the next door. Every book is a box full of hints that leads you to find the key.

Why not tell it wide and loud? It just doesn’t go that way. Our mind would trick us, one would think that he knows everything but he would have but informations. It is not the same; there is a big difference between getting to know and Knowing. To Know you must experience.

To enter through BLACK door we must unite two into one, unite our heart with the heart of everything, so that the heart trembles at every breath, at every thought of everything that lives.

7 doors, 7 gold keys, 7 states of ego

The seeker is the one who steps into the river which takes him on the path of separation; the state when he begins to live and breathe in everything.



What is new? Nothing.
What is old? Everything.

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The number nine and enneagram

Numbers and geometry are the ground of visual language.

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Etsy shop

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