Celestial bodies

A long time ago sky above Earth didn’t look like the one we see today.

David Talbott
Saturn, Venus and Mars in ancient times

There are many different explanations of mythology and there are thousands of explanations about the events that happened so long time ago. We cannot be sure about the truthfulness of any of it. But there are some which make everything so simple that they seem more objective than others.
I have been in love with mythology for more than 35 years and when I found David Talbott’s explanation, it made a revelation in my understanding of some myths, symbols and visual messages I was trying to understand for so long. It is a complex explanation and I will not talk about everything here, so if you would like to know more about it, watch the Thunderbolts project videos on Youtube or read his book The Saturn Myth (publ. 1980 by Doubleday). There is a deeper understanding of his work and I don’t want to spoil it with fragmental thoughts. He is uncovering that the planetary system passed from a previous configuration, related to the golden age, where Sun, Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn revolved in an aligned configuration, to the present one via a catastrophic collapse of the previous configuration.

In every Arkanum graphic novel, there is a connection with one celestial body. The first one, the Black book, is dedicated to Saturn. For that reason, I wanted to find out more about him. I believe that mythical beings are unlike imaginary friends from the ancient past. They are real entities telling us about the long-forgotten events. They are facts from our past.
I was looking for objective knowledge about Saturn. The connection between the god-like creature and one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system. Before I heard about Talbott’s explanations I was confused. There was no reasonable explanation for Saturn’s dual nature. He was father god placed in an unmovable pole on our sky, the ruler of the Golden age of humankind. But he was also a black god of destruction, the devourer of his children. Saturn is the Roman name for him, but we can find the same persona in almost all cultures around the globe and he has many names; Kronos, Quacalqouatl, Brahma, Shamash, Ra, … They were all sun-gods, the rightful rulers of the garden of Eden in the golden age of humankind. Then came the destruction provoked by a dragon, a fiery-serpent. The leading god was replaced by his son Jupiter or Zeus in Greek myths. All world myths are almost identical.
We may think this are only stories, symbols or archetypes with no relevant events. They are actually not real for most people. I do not agree. Some stories are real memories. Not all of them, but some are telling us the truth. That information is important to me because I am building my story on ancient texts and artefacts, so I have to be sure if they are relevant. Obviously, I am not the only one to think that way.
The story about Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter is a memory about real events that happened on our sky. Than Saturn was not just a little speck on our sky and planets were in a different position. There was no day and there was not a night like we know it today. There was just endless innocence of light. People lived a different life and maybe they had knowledge that is lost because we misunderstood the documents they had left behind.
It could be.

Many years ago Hermes Trismegistos wrote on his Emerald tablets: “As above, so below.” The story about Saturn can be understood as a document about the events in our sky. But at the same time, it is telling us a truth about human development; as above, so below. The events that happened above are repeating in our lives over and over again until we understand them.
We all live the life of innocence in our childhood, without time and darkness. At least it should be like that. And when our sexual body arises, we are all of a sudden in the darkness of unknown. Confused and left alone, banished from the garden of Eden. Left in the chaotic world of promised pleasures; pornography and quick pleasures. We just say young people are strange. They are frightened but brave and full of curiosity. We forgot about our youth. We yearn for that age when everything was new and exciting and we know we didn’t do as it should be done. We still do not know what is right but we want to preserve them from the same disappointment.
It is all wrong. The blind man is leading the blind man.

Parable of the Blind, 1568 (tempera on canvas) by Bruegel, Pieter the Elder (c.1525-69); 86×154 cm; Museo e Gallerie Nazionali di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy

Endless cruelty of our society is like Saturn’s destructive nature. We leave our young ones alone, with all the monsters of false pleasures. Without a guide or a map. We were left alone, and our parents were left alone, and our grandparents …
I have found some pieces of evidence that long ago it was not the case. In the golden age, young people were guided in the land of sexuality and love.
The story is the same. We live in the time of destruction, in the time of a black and cruel god, in the time when the father is eating his children in fear that he will not be the ruler anymore. We think we will lose our leadership if we admit that we do not know anything, that we are lost as they are. We are devouring our children because of our fear. We rather stick to lies because we are familiar with them. We are not capable to admit that we do not know anything about sexuality and much less about Love.

below believe beloved

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