A long time ago

It all began a long time ago in the year 2011. Nine years ago. Nice number to start a new cycle. Nine-years = nine-month. It all comes to a final happy event. To become into the world.

So I may say I am in the process of labour just now. Good. It is an important part of creating when one can learn so much.

But let’s go to the begining.

It all started with a wish, an idea to make a book about that thing we love the most, about Love. I wanted it to be a book without words. Just pictures. Pure visual language for everyone to understand and nothing to be lost in translation.

I have made a lot of sketches to find the right style. I have been searching in old graphics, paintings and illustrations, rereading all the books that have said something about the topic. Studying techniques, numbers, geometry and symbolic meaning of colours, composition, types, … And than, after almost a year I began with planning a book and made the first drawings.

After almost three years of struggling between the wish to create my own book and a need for survival, the second one won. I have been looking at old sketches and illustrations every now and then with nostalgia. All I was left with was patience.

I was rewarded for it. The idea that was growing and became more and more alive like all creatures in our universe and it is finally ready to go into the world.

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  1. Timothy

    Amazing. I admire your dedication and perseverance.

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