Come on, you brave lovers! Let's glide, let's flay, let's soar. love loves difficult things, we're on our way.

Low-quality pages are available on FB page, Patreon and Instagram. I will put a new page on every Saturday. I will also publish some videos about work-in-process on Youtube channel or Vimeo and different content on my blog every month.
For all of you who want to know more, you can support my project on Patreon. You can also support me by buying a print or an original.

At the end of the project I will publish a book. There will be a special edition book with secret keys and special features that will give you more knowledge about the topic.

Every Saturday
Every Saturday

new pages to see

Once a week
Once a week

Extras for Patreons

For my Patreons to see much more of it.

Once a month
Once a month

Blog feed or video

Videos and texts about work-in-process on Youtube channel or Vimeo and texts on my blog.


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You can buy limited edition (28 copies) Giclée print on archival paper, framed with anti-reflex glass. They all have special secret key added just for the owner of a print. Take a look at the gallery or mail me.

Original illustrations

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Some original illustrations are available to buy. Take a look at the gallery and mail me.

Graphic novel books

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I will publish a complete graphic novel. Arcanum Black Book will be out by the end of this year. It will be available on this page. subscribe for newsletter or on Patreon if you want to know more.

Special edition

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Special limited edition with secret keys and special features will be available for all who want to know more and collectors.

Prints and originals to buy.
If you would like it, mail me; write the number of the page you would like to own.

You can pay by Paypal, Pioneer or  bank transfer. Just write to me first to keep it on a safe side.

All the originals are size W43 x H21,5 cm, plus 7 cm of passpartou and simple black frame, with museum glass. Technique is ink, colour pencils, aquarelle on paper. For the price mail me.

Prints are sizeHeight: 180 Millimeters; Width: 215 Millimeters, plus cm of passpartou and Giclée print on archival paper, antireflex glass,

Limited edition, signed and with a special key on the back of a print. price is 231 eur. To order mail me.